Robotic Wire Arc

Additive Manufacturing System




Robotic WAAM Technology

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) is an advanced manufacturing technique used to build ……

High Deposition Rates

WAAM is known for its relatively high deposition rates compared to other metal additive manufacturing processes. This makes it suitable for manufacturing large-scale components or structures.

High Deposition Rates

WAAM can utilize a wide range of metal materials in wire form, including stainless steel, aluminum, invar, and their alloys. This versatility makes it applicable across various industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, and maritime.


The use of wire as feedstock can be more cost-effective compared to other forms of metal feedstock such as powders. This can be advantageous for industries where cost efficiency is a significant factor.

Repair and Modification

WAAM can also be used for repair and modification of existing components, allowing for cost-effective and efficient repair of high-value parts.


Provides real-time monitoring of the entire system and offers a unique digital twin solution. This way, you can monitor and control the entire system and production process from end to end.


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