WAAM Construction


Produce components that are fit for your needs in the manufacturing industry with extremely low buy-to-fly rates using Metalworm’s brand-new, and cutting-edge technology.

WAAM Aviation


With Metalworm, it will be simple to create components for the aviation industry that are enormous in size but have very little tolerance, in the desired shape and thickness.

WAAM Space


Time and material requirements for producing complicated shapes have significantly decreased thanks to 3D metal printing. Your expert solution partner in this case will be Metalworm.

WAAM Automotive


Utilize Metalworm’s benefit to create a controlled process.

WAAM Maritime


Possess the benefit of manufacturing quickly rather than having to wait for the fabrication of large parts needed by the marine sector.

WAAM Defence


Utilize WAAM technology from MetalWorm to enhance your military’s capabilities such as logistic support for deployed forces in remote or hostile environments.

WAAM Energy


With MetalWorm, you can accomplish your sustainability goals, manage your supply chain more effectively, strengthen your negotiating position, and shorten the lead time for your project.

WAAM Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries are able to significantly save production costs, improve operational procedures, and develop new, more effective methods for designing, producing, and maintaining equipment by using WAAM.



Development of new materials that can be utilized in the WAAM process, understand the process and detect any problems that may arise during and after WAAM, Control the process parameters to achieve desired mechanical properties, and scientifically support your industrial targets using technologies that have been integrated in MetalWorm.