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The term “silkworm” served as the basis for the METALWORM brand. Similar to how silkworms weave silk and stack fibers, METALWORM weaves metal and stack molten metal. The trademark METALWORM has been associated with the additive manufacturing process in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, which shortens the production time and minimizes the amount of raw materials.


First WAAM trials with Robotic CMT


First Commercial Robotic WAAM System First scientific results published


Preliminary WAAM workshop tests done with industrial partner


WAAM works presented in International Conferences


WAAM Technology Development Research Project was supported by TUBITAK


WAAM technology findings presented in International Conferences


The launch of a commercial Robotic WAAM System MetalWorm in Formnext 2022 and MetalWorm A.Ş. was founded in December 2022 as a spin-off company of Intecro Robotics.

METALWORM is a company that specializes in robotic additive manufacturing and has a holistic approach to problem-solving that includes advanced toolpath strategies, real-time process monitoring, adaptive process control, materials science, and a process parameter library suitable for different materials as well as various geometries. Utilizing this all-encompassing strategy, METALWORM is creating robotic additive manufacturing systems with possibilities for various research levels and commercial production.

Mission & Vision

METALWORM’s primary goal is to produce computer-controlled, high-volume robotic additive manufacturing systems that uses MIG/MAG and TIG welding techniques. These systems use additive manufacturing, which offers significant benefits in terms of process, cost, and manufacturing technology.

The system library contains the process parameters for producing steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. The WAAM process parameters and accompanying mechanical characteristics for producing additional alloys including titanium, Inconel, and armor steel will also be available soon.

The METALWORM system development plan intends to shorten sector-based manufacturing times, particularly in the aerospace and many other industries. The system development roadmap includes a system design for the part manufacturer to achieve a compact solution to produce by uploading the CAD data of the component that will be produced into the system, and to reduce the intermediary processes.

With its own unique software, the METALWORM system can generate alternative toolpath strategies and robot codes for various geometries depending on the material used.

The METALWORM system is offered on the market in a variety of configurations with a range of monitoring and controlling options.

Innovation Targets
In the WAAM Process are;

MetalWorm Additive Manufacturing Technologies Logo

Compact, unique, and customized systems with base package and add-on versions are produced by METALWORM. More than ten different types of the system are produced by METALWORM, and each one offers a selection of devices for process control and monitoring. With various components up to 12 axes, the system’s capacity to make parts is expanded.

Arc Voltage Control

Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Addaptive Process Parameter Control

In-situ Heat Input Control


Microstructure Enhancement with Vibration

Stress Relief  Technology with Vibration

In-process Heating and Cooling Technologies

Real-Time Artificial Vision and Thermal History Analyses

Accelerated Thermal and Mechanical Analysis Methods

Advanced Geometry Verification and
Available soon

Why Choose Us

Solution Oriented Approach

Not just after installation, but throughout the whole product life cycle, METALWORM is at your side. How it works? METALWORM assesses and values robotic systems at every level of the process, from buying to the uninterrupted service and service support offered during installation and the next 7-years for its Clients.

Why Choose Us

High Quality Services

Most Reasonable Prices

Product Life-Long

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Fast & Efficient

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Our Certificates

Metalworm Intecro Robotics Inc. is a group company. In this context, it always prioritizes quality and assurance in the products it produces.

ISO 14001:2015

We run an environmental management system that complies with ISO 14001:2015 requirements for all robotic and mechatronic system design, manufacturing, and sales.

ISO 9001:2015

We run a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015 requirements for all robotic and mechatronic system design, manufacturing, and sales.

ISO 14001:2015

We run an occupational health and safety management system that complies with ISO 45001:2018 requirements for all robotic and mechatronic system design, manufacturing, and sales.

Technological Product
Experience Certificate

We has received the Technological Product Experience Certificate from the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Technology in the category of robotic welding systems.

We make sure that every product we export complies with all applicable EU regulations. Metalworm’s products are in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, as evidenced by the CE mark, which is present on all of its products.

Our Quality Policy

• To develop our abilities and quality consciousness through training.

•Pursuing excellence.

• Working effectively and adding value.

• Assuring excellence with all of our managers and staffs.

•To conduct our company in a manner that adheres to the philosophy of “Continuous Improvement.”

• To provide the conditions necessary for each person to perform at their highest level, and to continuously maintain their drive in this direction.

• To create productive, creative, and empathetic work environments for our team members, business partners, and the companies we will serve. We also make every effort to improve teamwork.

Our Quality Goals

• All-around customer pleasure.

• Workers’ satisfaction.

• Maintaining the highest standards and most latest quality certifications for our products and services.

• Compliance of all our products and services with specifications and standards is under the guarantee of our company.

• Its is not only cost and effective solutions, but also our quality affects us to be preferred.

• Ensuring that the projects we work on and the products we build meet high standards of quality.


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